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NEW autumn/winter 2021 photography backdrops
November 02, 2021

NEW autumn/winter 2021 photography backdrops

Hey! I'm so excited to finally share these new backdrop designs with you!

I hope there's something here you will like - there's a good mix of wood, stone, colours and textiles - and they've been developed to launch now because of course they are perfect for autumn/winter styling and photography.

Scroll down to see all the new photography backdrops but I also want to talk about a few of them and introduce you to them individually.


Firstly, I want to show you 'Taj' - a magical marble pattern.  The geometric design, the tiny textures and marble details - it's so beautiful. 

I've styled it with festive biscuits but I really can't wait to use it in a more casual setting, maybe as an outdoor table in the summer or a kitchen wall with a wooden table in front for a recipe shot.

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