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Bespoke Gift Set of Two, Hand-painted 'Still Life' Canvas Backdrops

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Bespoke Set of Four, A1 Vinyl Photography Backdrops & Carry Case Gift Set

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Bespoke Gift Set of Two, Hand-painted Backdrop Boards (Choose 2 or 4 painted surfaces)

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Not sure what type of backdrop to go for?

Its a tough one! We now offer FIVE different types of backdrops!

In this article we discuss the unique qualities of each material and how they offer different benefits depending on your subject, lighting and styling.

Whether affordability, individuality, experimentation, durability or portability is key for you right now - all of this and more is covered to help you make the right decision for how you need your backdrops to perform.

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Christmas 2022 Gift Guide - what all creatives want this year!
November 15, 2022

Christmas 2022 Gift Guide - what all creatives want this year!

Here's our run down on the best gifts for your creative or self-employed loved one this year 

For the getting-serious-about-this stylist - from £176 (saving up to £77)

Our handcrafted surfaces are a luxurious treat for those who are taking their photography to the next level and are ready for investment pieces.  The gift set of two (or 4) hand-painted backdrops and gift set of two bespoke canvas backdrops offer a rare opportunity to give a generous gift and enjoy up to 25% off.

We can work with you to create designs that they'll love for Christmas delivery or you can surprise them with a gift card and details of this gift, for them to work with us on the designs after the holidays in January. 

When you choose 'January production' you unlock an extra 5% off!

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2022 Christmas order deadlines and posting days
November 11, 2022

2022 Christmas order deadlines and posting days

Hey and ho!

Here you will find lots of boring but very important info regarding order deadlines, last post dates and our holiday working (dispatching) days.


So, first off! For custom photography backdrops made bespoke to your order - on canvas and board - please order by 1pm on Wednesday the 15th of December.

AND email us immediately with your references/colour charts (if we haven't already discussed on email beforehand).  Your backdrop commissions can't be started until we know what you want and if we can't confirm the details of your order there will be delays in the production.


For in-stock, printed backdrops on paper and vinyl our last UK posting dates for Christmas 2021 are -

  • Wednesday 22nd December with Royal Mail (but we'd suggest Tuesday the 21st to be safer!)

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Monthly #BVS capture challenge - October theme is MOOD
October 11, 2022

Monthly #BVS capture challenge - October theme is MOOD

New #bvs capture challenge for OCTOBER! Enter for your chance to WIN a £100 or £25 voucher

About our October theme - MOOD

This month we are exploring bringing in deep shadows and leaning into the moodier side of photography.

When stylists and directors talk about 'mood' we're referring to darkness and allowing there to be low-key areas in an image, whether thats the immediate shadows created naturally by pieces in the image or areas of darkness created by light-shaping in other ways, there is a choice to leave them dark or even emphasise the shadows instead of reflecting light back in and lifting the brightness.

When choosing props and backdrops it is easier to use darker options as they will of course add to the dark mood and deepen the shadows rather than a white or light backdrop which would act as a reflector, lightening everything on it, including the shadows. 

Thats not to say you can't create moody images on lighter sets - just that it will take more consideration and probably be high contrast if you want the whites correctly exposed next to deep shadows.  (If you like this look you might like the CHIAROSCURO theme we explored in January)

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About us

BVS founder, Sophie Purser started making photography backdrops in 2016 when she couldn’t find what she needed to shoot a portfolio whilst making the move from in-house to freelance styling. 

Originally creating hand-painted backdrops that drew on her fine art training, Sophie saw the need for more affordable options - that look just as professional - and started to develop a range of printed backdrops in 2018.

Black Velvet Styling was born with this in mind – to offer high-quality, professional level backdrops for all budgets and briefs whether you're shooting international advertising campaigns or homemade crafts.

We take great pride in supplying backdrops and creating unique surfaces for commercial studios, prop houses, publishers and all manner of creatives.  

We are a team of eight based in Darley Abbey (& remotely in Edinburgh!). Feel free to get in touch if you need any help at all, with so many options we know it's hard to choose!