153. 'Salt' weathered wall effect printed photography background, A1 size paper sheet
165. 'Beaten' old mill board, wood effect printed photography background, A1 size paper she
135. 'Bright Copper' metal patina effect printed photography background, A1 size paper sheet
SUPER-STYLIN' SET. A1 Backdrop Monthly Subscription. Two stylist-selected, seasonal backdrops with 10% OFF & FREE UK P&P
£36.00 £45.50
170. 'Earthy Copper' metal patina effect printed photography background, A1 size paper sheet

About us

BVS founder, Sophie Purser started making photography backdrops in 2015 when she couldn’t find what she needed to shoot a portfolio whilst making the move from in-house to freelance styling & photography. 

Originally creating hand-painted backdrops that drew on her fine art training, Sophie quickly saw the need for more affordable options that shoot just as well, so set about researching sustainable materials to print on.

Black Velvet Styling was born with this in mind – to offer affordable backdrops that don’t compromise on quality or cost the earth. 

We're proud that our backdrops regularly feature in/on The Telegraph Food, Observer Food Monthly, Jamie Oliver, Delicious magazine, Asda, BBC Good Food magazine, Olive magazine, Aldi, The Boy who Bakes, David Loftus, Amelia Freer, MasterChef and many more of the UK's top cookbooks, publications, brands and social feeds. 

We are a team of six based in Darley Abbey (& remotely in Edinburgh!), if you'd like to work with us hit the button below!

5 failsafe backdrops perfect for beginners in food photography or content creation

At the start of your content creation journey your priorities and budget will be very different to that of a seasoned photographer or somebody with an established prop collection. 

Your photography backdrops will need to help you establish yourself (or your biz) as a relevant and aspirational brand.

Also, as a new photographer or to move into specialising in food or still life photography you may need to produce a portfolio of work. 

It's important to show potential clients that you have a carefully curated prop collection and can shoot for many different styles.

That's exactly what I want to share with you in this post;  five photography backdrops that,

are absolutely timeless,

will give you the perfect foundation for a strong prop collection,

work best for those with limited lighting experience,

OR content creators who shoot and edit on their phone.

Read more on the link below!

10 low cost photography backdrop & prop ideas

Hi! I want to share some affordable, everyday food photography backdrops and props with you, ones that you can get on a really small budget or may already have at home.  

For me, good food styling starts with a beautiful dish of food - everything else is purely framing - and using layers and texture is a big part of that for me.  

So even though I often start with one of my printed backdrops when creating content, there will always be other elements and smaller surfaces to compose the shot and frame the hero.

Styling surfaces come in all shapes and sizes, and if you're photographing food or other smallish still life products, it should be easy to find interesting, affordable backgrounds and layering props big enough for your needs.

Hit the button to read my ideas on what and where to buy!

How to style: Pancakes
February 03, 2021

How to style: Pancakes

Hey! If like us you think pancakes are for any day, all year round, you'll love these recipes and styling ideas.

We have pancakes most weekends, so trust me these recipes are tried and tested! They're not mine - so I won't copy and paste them to take credit, you can find them on the links.

We will focus more on the photography techniques and food styling tips to help you shoot pancakes this Shrove Tuesday and all year!


As with any styling & photography, the first question to explore is; what do we want people to notice first, stay focused on or remember from the image? With food styling we have the added dimension of flavour too!

So what's special about pancakes?

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5 fail-safe photography backdrops that are perfect for beginners
February 01, 2021

5 fail-safe photography backdrops that are perfect for beginners

It would be easy to tell you what our best sellers are but they're not necessarily what's best for a beginner.  We sell to a massive mix of clients ranging from top experts of the food photography industry to global creative agencies. magazine and cookbook publishers, as well as home makers, recipe bloggers and crafters - everyones' needs are unique and everybody's skill level and experience will be different.  

At the start of your content creation journey - whether thats as a newly trained photographer, social marketer, maker or crafter - your priorities and budget will be very different to that of a seasoned content creator or somebody with an established prop collection. 

That's exactly what I want to share with you today, five photography backdrops that -

    • are absolutely timeless,


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food styling props stylist prop photography tips how to kit buy for sale online kitchen utensils vintage cutlery tray tin
November 25, 2020

NEW! Food styling and photography props now on sale in our store

After a very big delay (due to covid and moving and homeschooling and lots of other general life stuff!) we are very pleased to be opening our prop section this week, tomorrow in fact!

Alongside providing props for my styling and photography clients I have been trusted to source props for several cookbooks this year including The Pie Room by Calum Franklin, Ekstedt by Niklas Ekstedt and the MasterChef cookbook. 

It feels so good to be finally bringing this part of my work into the BVS offering here!

Being a food and prop stylist myself you will find all of our props perfect for food, product and still life photography, following my prop rules they are -

1. not too big

2. not too shiny

3. not too grabby

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