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BVS founder, Sophie Purser started making photography backdrops in 2016 when she couldn’t find what she needed to shoot a portfolio whilst making the move from in-house to freelance styling. 

Originally creating hand-painted backdrops that drew on her fine art training, Sophie saw the need for more affordable options - that look just as professional - and started to develop a range of printed backdrops in 2018.

Black Velvet Styling was born with this in mind – to offer high-quality, professional level backdrops for all budgets and briefs whether you're shooting international advertising campaigns or homemade crafts.

We take great pride in supplying backdrops and creating unique surfaces for commercial studios, prop houses, publishers and all manner of creatives.  

We are a team of eight based in Darley Abbey (& remotely in Edinburgh!). Feel free to get in touch if you need any help at all, with so many options we know it's hard to choose!

Not sure whether to go for vinyl or paper photography backdrops?

Its a tough one! Our paper backdrops are of course cheaper and more sustainable but waterproof vinyl backdrops give the gift of time when working with messy food and wet props.

In this new article we discuss the benefits of each material and how they may act differently depending on your subject, lighting and styling.

If you don't own a BVS backdrop yet this is a good place to start before choosing your backdrops.

Whether affordability, experimentation, durability or ease of lighting is key for you right now - all of this and more is covered to help you make the right decision for how you need your backdrops to perform.

Hit the button below to see which material is best for you!

BVS X Lucy Parissi design collab + giveaway on IG #summerdessertchallenge
July 10, 2021

BVS X Lucy Parissi design collab + giveaway on IG #summerdessertchallenge

Today we launch our first backdrop collaboration, BVS X Lucy Parissi to bring you three gorgeous new designs developed with photographer and food blogger, Lucy.

I love working with people outside of our own four walls (no offence to my team but external input and feedback is always so inspiring and helpful!) so when Lucy asked me about developing some new backdrops from a few of her own surfaces I jumped at the chance.

Lucy has been a customer and supporter of Black Velvet Styling from very early on so we’re really happy to be collaborating on our first BVS X range with her. Lucy’s work is absolutely stunning – if you don’t already go follow her on Instagram @supergolden88 for a lesson in how to shoot in a beautiful and layered yet clear and elegant style that brands love.

There’s been a lot of back and forth on the styles, colours and tiny details which Lucy and I ironed out over two lots of samples, but I think its safe to say we have three AMAZING new backdrops here.

Two really nice *hopeful* classics and one total wild card that I just couldn’t resist putting in the range.  You know I always like to test the boundaries and push you out of your comfort zones a bit!

I think its really important that I never assume too much what you guys would like in our backdrops and that’s another reason I’m so excited to collaborate in this way more – people approach design from so many different angles - I love being surprised by what people find on their travels or have lying around and think would make an awesome print.

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Introducing our first brand ambassadors: Patrick Rock Smith + Matt Inwood
July 01, 2021

Introducing our first brand ambassadors: Patrick Rock Smith + Matt Inwood

We're very excited to announce our first official brand partnerships with two fantastic food snappers.

We're thrilled to be working with Patrick Rock Smith, whom we have shared a mutual admiration with for a while now - Patrick for our backdrops and us for his amazing food photos and London restaurant inspiration.

And I'm equally delighted to be making our long standing advocate and friend, Matt Inwood an official partner too. Matt was a very early adopter (guinea pig even!) and cheerer-onner of our backdrops and already gives a discount code to his Instagram masterclass students, so I guess he has been ambassador-ing behind the scenes all this time! 

If you don't know of both these guys I suggest you go follow them now for some serious food, styling and photography inspo - @patrickrocksmith @matt_inwood


More about Patrick 

Patrick is our kind of guy - he has a huge passion for food and specialises in shooting social media content for big and small brands.  

'Photography is my craft, and creative content is everything.'

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How to use moodboards to plan, present & clarify your styling and photography direction
June 08, 2021

How to use moodboards to plan, present & clarify your styling and photography direction

Moodboards can help you plan, create, clarify and connect your styling and photography for one shot, a days shoot or across an entire brand.

Whether you create them digitally on something like Pinterest, on here with our moodboard feature to collate backdrops for your shoots or physically with magazine tears and swatches, moodboards can be highly effective in helping you develop ideas and make an initial, visual plan.

And lets not overlook the focus and efficiency having a visual reference can bring to each step of your creative process – it will help keep you on track; clarifying your aims and speeding up decisions.


A moodboard is like a mini creative brief; if you’re shooting for your own content a moodboard might be all you need to develop an idea and set the style and tone for your shoot. 

If you’re working on a styling or photography job for a client, a moodboard may be the first step in showing them that you understand their ideas and aims before developing a more in-depth production plan or shot list.

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