Gift Voucher - Black Velvet Styling


Treat your loved one to some fabulous backdrops or a learning experience and help their creativity flyyyyy!

Our gift vouchers can be used across the entire range of styling backdrops and professionally mounted and sealed photography backgrounds as well as towards my food styling workshops or photography & styling tuition. (The only thing they can't be used on is commercial styling or photography work!)

Select £10, £25, £50 or £100 depending on how good they've been....

Your voucher order will be delivered by email to your account email address for you to print or forward on to the lucky recipient. 

HOWEVER!  E-vouchers are a bit pants aren't they? There's not a lot of suspense or magic in opening an email is there?

For the WOW factor add our Christmas card or Gift Card to your gift voucher order and we will create a beautiful note for your gift recipient to open and enjoy - with their voucher code, it's value and the gifters name included of course. For more information and to customise your message click the above links to view the cards available.