Join us this Autumn for a day of hands-on creative learning in a small group - only 2 dates left!

Hi there! We don't share these updates enough on this blog, so I'm popping on here today to tell you about our styling workshops held in our studio, hosted by me, Sophie through our teaching platform, The Styling Handbook.

We only have two dates in 2023 with slots left so you'll need to book soon if you'd like to join us - and even sooner if you want to take advantage of the two-part payment option which must be started at least 1 month before your workshop date!

Of course I'm going to tell you about the workshops below but if you're ready to jump in and want to book you can do so on these links -

Friday 20th October Workshop

Friday 17th November Workshop


Ready to improve your styling and increase your creative output?

If you struggle with knowing where to start, lack confidence or just feel like your images are not-quite-there and this is holding you back, I'd love to help you elevate your styling and work more methodically to create consistently good content that you're proud of.

Styling is an art and a science - I will show you my proven formulas and tricks to create images with impact whether that's to promote your brand, business or freelance creative work.



Our practical workshop days are designed for all photographers or content creators who would like to elevate their styling and photography skills - whether that's using a phone or DSLR camera. 

Come along to refine your styling and gain confidence in producing content to promote yourself, your product or your brand, learning essential techniques and industry tricks with Sophie, a commercial stylist of 20 years..

Perhaps you already run a blog, lifestyle brand or food-related business and need a confidence boost or creative kick up the bum to increase your output by banishing those little niggles that make us all procrastinate!

Be taught first hand by a professional and have an inspiring training day working on your own, individual set ups, learning with other creatives, marketers and business owners. 


Each attendee gets two Black Velvet Styling vinyl backdrops to take home to keep plus many more backdrops and props to play with during the workshop - our entire studio and prop collection becomes your playground for the day!




All demonstrations are supported by notes and checklists to help you continue your learning and build confidence after the workshop - some clients keep them to refer back to on every shoot, as part of their process!



The workshops focus on practical demonstrations, discussion and practise with all information plus extra learning materials made available via PDF after the session.

Each chapter, taken from The Styling Handbook is designed for you to easily print and work through or use as a reference tool as you shoot.

Written to clearly show you how to plan, style and shoot beautifully and with optimum efficiency you can use the guides to style like 'painting by numbers' or as inspiration and reminders to refer back to while your confidence builds. 





Please get in touch if you have any questions - we've hosted over 30 workshops now and trained over 400 creatives through workshops, 1-to-1 tuition and team training to marketing teams, brand owners and more!


Happy styling,

Sophie + co




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