Introducing our first brand ambassadors: Patrick Rock Smith + Matt Inwood

Introducing our first brand ambassadors: Patrick Rock Smith + Matt Inwood


Images above; left by Patrick Rock Smith: Pesto crusted rack of lamb shot on the Drip backdrop; right by Matt Inwood: market produce shot on the Copper effect backdrop


We're very excited to announce our first official brand partnerships with two fantastic food snappers.


We're thrilled to be working with Patrick Rock Smith, whom we have shared a mutual admiration with for a while now - Patrick for our backdrops and us for his amazing food photos and London restaurant inspiration.

And I'm equally delighted to be making our long standing advocate and friend, Matt Inwood an official partner too. Matt was a very early adopter (guinea pig even!) and cheerer-onner of our backdrops and already gives a discount code to his Instagram masterclass students, so I guess he has been ambassador-ing behind the scenes all this time!

If you don't know of both these guys I suggest you go follow them now for some serious food, styling and photography inspo - @patrickrocksmith @matt_inwood



More about Patrick

Our relationship with Patrick has developed very organically since he became a customer and quickly turned into a raving fan and advocate!

Patrick is our kind of guy - he has a huge passion for food and specialises in shooting social media content for big and small brands.  

'Photography is my craft, and creative content is everything.'



Halloumi and beetroot one-bowl shot by Patrick on the Stan backdrop


As you will know, this is a perfect fit for us as our backdrops have become a staple for so many foodies and brands using social (especially Instagram) to share their stories.

We're absolutely chuffed that Patrick enjoys shooting with our backdrops so much that he has agreed to declare his love for them publicly and help us promote them to his audience. 


'The excellent quality, responsive customer support, competitive pricing and quick delivery had turned me into a big fan - even a long time before I was asked to become a brand ambassador.

I feel honoured to join the BVS family, and thanks for helping me stand out (and being the background) in all my work.'


Love Patricks style? Shop 'Patrick's pick' of vinyl backdrops on the image links below!


Be sure to follow Patrick @patrickrocksmith for regular recipes to make you salivate plus some exclusive BVS offers and reviews!  


Cherry clafoutis shot by Patrick on the Galley backdrop



More about Matt

Matt is a photographer, designer and teacher with THE most drool-worthy, moody, rich and inviting IG feed.   

He has been a huge support - and friend - to me from day one - helping me develop backdrop designs, bringing opportunities for us to work together and always recommending BVS where he can.


'I love to style and shoot on Black Velvet's papers.'


Mushrooms shot by Matt on the Copper backdrop


'As a photographer, I love to style and shoot on Black Velvet's papers: there are so many different designs, colours and textures which provide all of the possible solutions I could want for the perfectly balanced food shot.

As a teacher, I recommend Black Velvet's papers to my workshop attendees because they’re the best entry-price backgrounds solution I know, and because they are beautiful, durable papers which deliver great instant results for anyone wishing to improve their styling.'


Matt specialises in iphone photography, to a level where he can deliver all of his clients needs' with just the phone in his pocket.

He has recently made the jump to shooting on a Nikon and using artificial light but remains a firm advocate for iphone photography and teaches hundreds of people how to shoot professional-looking content with their phones and natural light via live and zoom workshops.


Fresh tomato soup shot by Matt on the Forest green photography backdrop as part of a demo on his phone photography workshops


I think when instagram remains such a good platform for foodie brands and businesses it makes sense to be able to shoot well with whatever you have in your hand!

And I know I often re-edit in the app because what looked good at full Mac screen size in Lightroom can look flat again when crunched down to phone screen size.

All this and more is covered in Matt's Instagram Masterclasses which you can book here.


'I have a great passion for Instagram and phone photography. I’ve worked with some of the UK’s best chefs, foodies and food photographers during a working life centred around food and food publishing.

In my workshops, I aim to convey the power of Instagram as both a marketing and communication tool, and also the way that this amazing app enhances how people think and create in the world of food.

All of the photography I publish to Instagram is taken using an iPhone: these workshops aim to enable you to get brilliant results doing just that, too.'


Want the Inwood look? Here's 'Matt's must-haves' paper backdrops, click the image links to shop.



Make sure you're following Matt @matt_inwood for weekly if not daily gasps at how beautiful his work is, plus special discount codes to use in our store.



Do you love using our backdrops?

Do you talk about them to your friends, colleagues and clients?

Do you have a supportive and engaged audience?

If that was a 'yes' to all three we'd love to talk to you about joining our ambassador programme - drop us a comment below telling us why you think we'd be a good fit for each other and and we will email you with more details!

(You need to enter a valid email to comment so we will have your details to get in touch with you!)


Thanks for reading! 

Sophie xx



I absolutely love your backgrounds, it has really enhanced my photography. The backgrounds suit my style and can’t wait to add more to my collection. Im close to 3k following which I know is not huge but I have an engaged audience. I’m also an iPhone photographer I would love to be a brand ambassador for your backdrops

Jane Burkinshaw Love You Lens
Jane Burkinshaw Love You Lens

Hi Sophie, I think you already know I’m a huge fan of your backdrops (I’ve got about 30!) and recommend them to all my students. Hopefully you’ve got a little hotspot in Cheshire of people who order because I’ve raved about them. I have just under 2k followers on Insta and I teach dozens of people every month face to face and online. I also shoot for lots of local brands here in Cheshire and in the South. I love your backdrops of course, but I love that you really ‘get’ what people need and are so generous with your advice and tips. Would love to be an Ambassador – I might just burst with excitement! Jane x

Anna Janecka
Anna Janecka

I love your backdrops, but also your politics and the way you grow and represent your company. My business focuses on on creating images of really high quality, as your backdrops are. I am a creative photographer with a head full of ideas. I think our styles match really well and seem like a really natural fit for our audience. I’m sure our collaboration can benefit us both.
Excited to hear back from you and hear what you think.

Geranium Bakery
Geranium Bakery

Hi Sophie, I would be absolutely honoured to be involved in the ambassador program! I use only your backdrops and favour whites, marble and other very clean simple backgrounds. I am based in Derbyshire ( much like yourselves) and live only a stones throw away from you! I realise I am only a small and independent business but I am looking to grow and eventually open my own bakery and as another female owned business ( like yourself) would be overjoyed to be chosen as I am a one woman show and really appreciate everything that goes into running a successful business! I think I would be a suitable ambassador as my ‘aesthetic’ is very different to that of the above and shows a different way to use your backdrops , which is simpler and evidences how your product can really highlight an item! Showing that You don’t have to be a photographer or know how to take the perfect picture to use a backdrop like yours, I think it is inclusive to show how someone who uses only an iPhone and operates out of their home kitchen and spare room ( more realistic of a startup small business ) can still take beautiful photos!

Thank you for reading!

Olivia ( insta: geranium.bakery)

Pauline Scholey
Pauline Scholey

Not sure if you are interested in home cooks as Brand Ambassadors Sophie, or are you just looking for professionals?

I have around 2,500 followers on Foodim, Instagram, FB & Twitter.
Known to be honest, sincere & ethical in my recommendations and opinions, love your backdrops and people/friends have bought them from my posts.

I make and photograph everything we eat!
Not perfectly styled though as it is generally waiting to be devoured.

I come from a strong sales background and held a very full on Management role until my husband had a serious RTA in 2002 with very serious life changing injuries so am now ‘retired’ as we reassessed our life/work balance and threw of our business acumen & competitive target achieving, into his recovery.

Would love to be involved with BVS but totally appreciate if I am not your ‘profile’ candidate!
Love what you do.

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