Shout out to the suppliers helping us keep our packaging plastic free

Shout out to the suppliers helping us keep our packaging plastic free


Hi! I wanted to write this quick post to give a big high five to the suppliers that help us deliver your orders plastic free.


Did you know that we make a big effort to use as little plastic as possible in our business? Sustainability and minimising our impact has always been a priority for us.

I hope you find these ideas and links helpful if you run a small business too!


sustainable packaging photography backdrops paper vinyl food styling surfaces 


Like many businesses we consider the lifespan and environmental impact of every purchase and component of our processes -  is it sustainably produced, what will happen to it if we no longer need it, is it absolutely necessary, what's the alternative, could we make a sustainable version ourselves etc. 

It can be a compromise at times - for example, I often lust after black tissue paper to wrap your backdrop orders... It would really make our branding pop and give you a cool unboxing experience, but the dyes and production process are more damaging to our environment than the acid-free, unbleached one we currently use. And yes, I know there are 'eco-friendly' dyed tissue papers, but at a huge premium, too expensive for small businesses or brands that aren't 'luxury'.

We have to ask: Is it worth it? Often it isn't yet, but it is something to keep an eye on.

Sustainable options will of course get cheaper if more people demand their manufacture in larger quantities.


So we will keep searching and pestering; the same as we do for the vinyl material that we print on - one day it will be 100% recycled or plant based!

And we will continue to try and create joy through our packaging in more affordable and sustainable ways.

It's a fine line between making sure things arrive safely and in perfect condition, looking good, giving you an enjoyable shopping experience and going too far away from what we are comfortable buying (and what we'd both be prepared to fork out on postage and packaging).




Here are the sustainable suppliers and materials that we love, that might also help you get your orders in the hands of your customers more sustainably.


Kite Packaging for - 

  • sustainable Kraft 'FRAGILE' parcel tape that sticks really well
  • zigzag craft paper to protect fragile props (shown above)
  • FSC, responsibly sourced cardboard boxes
  • Kraft 'sellotape' that recycles with paper and card
  • recycled Kraft wrapping/parcel paper
  • acid-free, unbleached tissue paper

Priory Direct for -

  • ColomPac postal tubes in trapezium and square profiles
  • recycled unbleached tissue paper

We also buy -

'Every sheet of Woodland Trust Office Paper supports projects that improve biodiversity, enhance social wellbeing and help the UK landscape adapt to climate change. Energy for paper production is generated from waste material with Zero CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and excess heat from paper production is piped to a community heating project.'
  • our plastic free, 'tucked' parcel tubes are from Essex Tubes

'We pride ourselves on being a completely eco-friendly cardboard tube manufacturer with 100% recyclable products and no chemical waste. We also try and cut down in other aspects of business.'

  • we always print on recycled paper and our sticky labels are recyclable with paper and card
  • and we use lots of recycled packaging from home and work to protect your props too



Please do let me know if you try any of these out!

Also what you struggle to source sustainably or if there are any eco-friendly solutions you've created in your business - I'd love to share ideas with you!


Thanks for reading,


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