6 NEW backdrops for September! Pre-order now with 3for2

6 NEW backdrops for September! Pre-order now with 3for2

August 19, 2022

So new I haven't even had chance to work with them and create a 'styled' shot yet!

I have been working on these designs for the last month or so and have just had the final samples back; I wasn't going to launch them until September (when we'll all probably feel a bit more worky and a bit less summer-party!) however, I realise we will be ending the 3for2 offer at the end of August and it feels a bit mean to do that and then drop a batch of brand new designs!

So I'm breaking the mould here and showing them to you before we have had the delivery of stock so you can pre-order using the 3for2 offer if you want to take advantage of the deal but are happy to wait until September for delivery of your complete order.

All of these designs will be available in the standard A1 size on sustainable paper (£18.50) and waterproof vinyl (£32.50) for dispatch the week of 5th September.  As always you can also order larger custom prints and have the paper backdrops professionally mounted onto MDF boards - more info on that here.

To get 3for2 simply add this code when you go through the checkout - 3for2.sunshine

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So may I introduce you to our freshest backdrop designs, six beautiful effects I can't wait to get shooting with myself!

Solva - a gorgeous rosey pink effect in washy, water-marked plaster with a couple of bare patches revealing sandy tones beneath

Available in sustainable paper and waterproof vinyl


Encanto - vintage terracotta tiles with an irregular, aged patina perfect for food styling and lifestyle photography.

Available in sustainable paper and waterproof vinyl


Jack - developed from an old wooden workbench, complete with paint drips, saw marks and chunky notches, nicely worn in on over the years

Available in sustainable paper and waterproof vinyl

food styling photography backdrop stylist studio background vinyl waterproof wipe clean


Maria - vintage Spanish tiles in a wonderfully soft jade green that waves up and down in saturation as the tiles have naturally faded over the years. 

Available in sustainable paper and waterproof vinyl


Altan - a beautiful, highly-textural multi-coloured slate blending greys, blues, greens and oranges

Available in sustainable paper and waterproof vinyl


Neep - vintage green tiles with an irregular, aged patina perfect for organic and autumnal food styling and lifestyle photography

Available in sustainable paper and waterproof vinyl


To get 3for2 simply add this code when you go through the checkout - 3for2.sunshine

Shop all the latest NEW backdrops here.


Meghan Claire

Meghan Claire said:

My favourite has to be either Encanto or Neep! I love the tiled look, simple yet elegant!


Petra said:

Oh they are all so nice! But my favourite one would be Solva, I’m currently planning a shoot and that pink would be great for it 😊

James Andrew

James Andrew said:

Loving Neep!!


Shameem said:

They are all beautiful but my favourite has to be Maria! I’m a sucker for vintage patterns and this is stunning.!!!!

An Be

An Be said:

What a great new collection, and my favorites are Solva and Altan.. They just look so versatile depending on your mood!☺️


Vara said:

6 beautiful new backdrops! Hard decision but Jack would be my favorite if I had to pick only one 😊


Wai-Lin said:

Spanish tiles – patterned but not in your face. I can see this working well as backdrops for many a food shot.

Nicky Shallcross

Nicky Shallcross said:

I 😍 all of them BUT if you are going to make me pick one it’s Neep 💚. I have some gorgeous retro 70s homeware to photograph for my new business and this backdrop would be 👌🏻


Lizzie said:

Obsessing over Maria and Buttetcup!!

Jelena Pop-Kostic

Jelena Pop-Kostic said:

Amazing backdrops, you’ve done a great work, and it’s so hard to choose but if I had to choose one it would be Solva. It is a versatile backdrop but its mood also resonates with what I currently try to achieve in my work.


Kim said:

I absolutely love Maria and Solva! I think I need them in my photos!


Rhadonda said:

You KNOW I love them all but I love grungy Jack


Moumita said:

Absolutely love Neep.

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