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Online Course 2. HOW TO STYLE - FOOD, PRODUCT & STILL LIFE. Food styling and story telling with props. (Self-paced Online Course).


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This is my second online course, part 2 if you like, building on what I introduce in HOW TO STYLE – THE BASICS.  

(If you haven’t done that course I thoroughly recommend you do – even if you consider yourself to be doing OK at styling or creating content already – IT WILL HELP YOU I promise! And there is stuff in there I won’t cover again in this course. To help you out I’m offering it in a bundle with this one for only £70 instead of £90 for both self-paced versions.  Get it here!)


This 'How to style – food, product and still life' online course has been created to teach you how to compose your content like a professional stylist and then check and correct it like a product marketing expert and art director, so it not only looks balanced and beautiful but WORKS to create desire, increase sales and build loyalty for your brand. 

Not heard of those roles before? On all (99.9% of) professional photo shoots there will be a stylist, photographer, art (or creative) director and/or marketing executive representing the client (or the client themselves!).  Sometimes one person will fill two roles, for example the photographer or stylist might also be directing, but if you are shooting content for your business or product all by yourself you will need to have all of those hats on!

With this course I will show you how to think like the stylist, director and marketer/client (I teach how to think like a photographer in my next course DIY PHOTOGRAPHY. Essential kit, tips & set-ups for home/office photography and content creation coming soon!).  This multi-disciplined approach is what takes images from amateur to awesome and makes them commercially successful - you will be amazed how much the little details matter and once you know how to spot them - how easy it is to style professional-looking content.


I explain things like flow and tension so you can learn to see straight away when a prop is too grabby - you won't waste any more time wondering where to put the spoon or if the flowers are too much - it will be so easy to spot once you know the secret rules our eyes somehow seem to know about design and what makes things beautiful!

By showing you fool-proof styling compositions and design rules that work for food, still life and small product/lifestyle photography plus top tips and industry hacks for evoking the senses, you will finish this course with endless tricks up your sleeve for whatever content or brand photography you need to style.

If you’re not creating food content – don’t worry! 90% of this course is applicable to small products, home brands and still life or lifestyle photography – if its table top size or smaller and you're aiming for a lifestyle look, this will be valuable!  Plus, we all know how much more inviting and relaxed an image can look with a pot of coffee or croissant in it – food is a great way to create a mood, link to a time of day or tie in with the seasons – I’d recommend using it in some of your product/brand content if you don’t already!


Please note – this is not a food styling course geared towards teaching you how to create food to photograph – that is such a wide and complex subject and can really only be learned hands on, from an experienced home economist or food stylist with an extensive food background.  This course will help you take better pictures of your food – whatever you bake or create – simply through styling, props and story telling with some general food styling tips and a handy kit list.


We will cover;

  • Key compositions & design rules that work for food and still life styling

  • How to layer, create texture and use fabrics

  • Industry hacks for evoking the senses and conveying flavour

  • Story telling with props

  • Checking the details like the pros

  • Terminology and quick fixes

  • How to get a series of shots from one set up

  • Food styling kit essentials

(If you want to know what props work best, how to find your products best angles, what you need in a prop styling kit and the true ESSENCE of style you will need to take THE BASICS course which will teach you all of that and guide you step-by-step in designing your own styling template.)

With 8 modules and 14 exercises to show you how simple and easy it can be to style like a pro, you will finish this course feeling inspired and equipped to push your business or career forward and enjoy creating the content you need to succeed.

This listing is for the self-paced online course to do in your own time without feedback - perfect if you want to dip in and out in your own time.

If you'd like constructive feedback on the homework tasks and an extra confidence boost from working directly with Sophie, plus exclusive access to our private Instagram group, please check the courses page for start dates of this course with direct email access and feedback.



Modules in HOW TO STYLE - FOOD, PRODUCT & STILL LIFE.  Food styling and story telling with props. 


  • Compositions / DESIGN rules
  • Styling with layers, TEXTURE, fabric
  • Awaken the senses / FLAVOUR
  • PROP styling / Story telling
  • CHECKING & correcting
  • Getting MORE than one shot
  • Food styling kit ESSENTIALS

Going forward confidently



Want to start from the beginning? Check out the modules in THE BASICS course for more on creating your style guidelines to mimic your heroes and finding props that WORK! 



Testimonials from tuition and workshop attendees

I just wanted to say (as I know this is your first time doing this course) the contact and structure is exactly what I've been looking for. I had done a few styling courses whilst training at Leith's and your info is above and beyond. 
I especially loved how you start it with the confidence piece, we all doubt ourselves but as I read it I was like "hell yeah i've got this".
I see this course being epic and a great success and have sent the link to your page to all the guys I trained with, as a lot of our year are wanting to follow the styling route now, or even just up their own social media game. Kelly Stretton, How to Style - The Basics, January 2020 online course attendee

Such a great workshop would highly recommend, the tips and tricks will be very useful for our upcoming shoots.  William Parkinson, High Street TV

Absolutely buzzing after yesterday. Its given me an extra boost to get creative with making things. I honestly can't thank you enough! Heather Ward, Etsy crafter

I highly recommend Sophie if you want to develop your styling skills and massively improve the quality and structure of your content. Spending a day 1-2-1 with Sophie has taught me how to approach the styling of my products and how to produce quality images for social media. I'm not a natural when it comes to styling but I now feel I have the confidence and ability to do really well at it by putting into practice all the things Sophie taught me. Ceri Gore, wedding cake designer 

I had a fantastic time, definitely learnt a lot and left feeling very inspired.  Your notes are fantastic and we will be presenting what we learnt to the team. Rachel Woods, High Street TV  



About Sophie

Sophie has worked in styling and photography for over 20 years having moved through retail styling, product design, buying and marketing, always with a hand in photographic styling and then creative direction and content creation for national advertising campaigns, print catalogues and online/social media marketing. Her extensive background means she has a broad understanding of business and marketing as well as the creative talents to execute ideas beautifully and successfully.

Clients include Aldi, Harrods, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Asda, Filippo Berio, Waterford Crystal, Denby, ckbk, Gordon Ramsay, Ellen DeGenerese, Howdens Kitchens, Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and many more. 

Read more about Sophie's work here. 

Contact Sophie for 1-to-1 or team tuition here.

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