A1 Size, 12mm MDF Board for mounting your photography backdrops


A 12mm MDF board cut to the perfect size (596 x 843mm) for you to mount your A1 photography backdrops at home.

This board is cut 2mm above standard A1 size so that with printing and cutting tolerances, all of your A1 backdrop sheet should sit on top of the board without overhanging. 

Full instructions on how to mount your backdrops will be included with this product -  to download them please visit our resources section.

This board is also useful if you would like your backdrops delivered flat or want a surface to create your own hand painted backdrops!

UK P&P only via checkout - please contact us for international shipping rates.

To have your A1 backdrop sheets professionally mounted and sealed by us please add the mounting options to your cart from the A1 backdrop product pages - you don't need to add this product to your cart as well - it is included in the mounting price!