141 Social Media & Content Marketing Ideas and Prompts for Posts - Excel and PDF versions


Here I've put together a list of 141 prompts to inspire social media and web content that will help people get to know you and want whatever you're offering.  You'll notice that most of them aren't about selling - actually only 20% of your content should be about heavy promotion or sales talk.  More than that and people will switch off - be more passionate about what you do than that! And show people :)

You will get the list in Excel and PDF formats for you to edit and print as you like.

A few pointers before you delve into the list.

Decide what is important for you and be confident in your choices.

Don't force things - nobody can keep their energy up to do things that don't feel natural to them, you'll feed bad about it and your feed/brand will seem random or ingenuine, people can't relate and invest in randomness.  Keep it familiar - see how consistent the most successful feeds are - are they boring, or do they create original content in a signature look which balances style, content type and tone? 

Pick which themes/ideas you want to make up your 80% of realness - there's no right or wrong answers, as long as you are authentic and consistent to built trust, rapport and familiarity. Every successful brand has their own style and personality. It’s one of the most important, yet unquantifiable aspects of a brand.

Don't start your planning with social media!

Start with your web and marketing content - emails, blogs, features on your website, where you sell, talking about what you do and answering the questions or solving the problems of your potential customers!  Do that well and you will have lots of quality content to share to social. And Google will love you for it.  Win/win.

Here are 20 of my fave prompts from the list -

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Get the full list of 141 content creation and social media ideas for only £5.

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