Guide to our Photography Backgrounds and Food Styling Backdrops


Thanks for visiting our website! We have lots to offer you so lets break down the different types of food styling and photography backgrounds and then you can figure out which is the best option for you.

All of our backdrop designs are printed on high quality, thick matt, reinforced paper.  We don't print on vinyl (PVC) as we don't see the need and would rather create sustainable products (read more about why here).  Our customers who have used vinyl before and aren't sure about paper are pleasantly surprised by its strength and durability, as well as how little glare there is - please read the reviews on a few of the product pages

If you'd like a good quality, easily-affordable, sustainable backdrop that is wipeable for small spills/damp food, to use for a few seasons or to wheel in and out for clients without taking up too much studio space, the paper sheets are superb.  Keep them in a plan chest and they will offer excellent value for many months.

If you want a permanent, solid and fully waterproof photography surface, we recommend mounting our printed sheets on MDF or plyboard.  You can find full instructions to mount your backdrops here and watch our video tutorial here.  Or we can mount them for you - more details below!

Back to the basics on the different photography backdrop options we offer!

In brief, we offer 3 different backdrop sizes -

  • Small A2, approx 60x42cm
  • Standard A1, approx 60x84cm - this is our main or 'standard' size and you have the choice of over 50 backdrop designs to choose from in this size.
  • Large A0, approx 84x120cm - this is a small but growing collection of our most popular designs in a larger size.


Small A2 Photography Backdrops

Half our standard backdrop size, these smaller, A2 sheets offer the perfect opportunity to try new ideas or build your photography background collection quickly and affordably.  

Fitting into a regular shopper bag, A2 is ample size to frame a dish or display small products on for flatlay overheads and close up shots - use at home or on the go to switch up your content.

  • A2 paper sheet size (approx 60cm x 42cm / 24 x 16 inches).  
  • Printed on thick, matt reinforced paper.
  • Use as they are or mount on card, foam board or plyboard.  See our guide to mounting here.
  • Rolled and packed in parcel tubes which can also be used to store and transport.

Shop A2 backdrops here.



Standard A1 Photography Backdrop Sheets

mounted backdrop food styling surfaces solid handpainted curated photography

In our 'standard' A1 photography background size there are over fifty designs to choose from including hand painted, reclaimed and curated surfaces, all perfect for still life photography, food styling and anything needing a 'table top' size setting.

They're light, portable, sustainable, easy-to-store and affordable - a firm favourite with both stylists and professional photographers whether they're building an impressive collection of in-house props or buying in for individual clients.

  • Approximately 60cm x 84cm - A1 paper sheet size (and approx 24 x 33 inches).  
  • Printed on thick, matt reinforced paper.
  • Over 50 designs (and growing!) including wood, stone, marble, metal and slate plus hand painted and distressed textures.
  • Available to buy individually.
  • Use as they are or mount on card, foam board or plyboard.  See our guide to mounting here.
  • Rolled and packed in parcel tubes which can also be used to store and transport.

Shop individual A1 Photography Backdrop Sheets here



Large A0 Photography Backdrop Sheets

These larger prints are perfect for food styling, portrait, still life and interiors photography needing a bigger surface area to shoot overhead or against.

Printed on the same thick, mat paper our small (but growing!) selection of A0 backdrops offers excellent value on a larger shooting area.  These larger sized sheets are very popular with commercial photographers and creative studios.

  • Approximately 84cm x 119cm - A0 paper sheet size (and approx 33 x 47 inches).
  • Printed on thick, matt reinforced paper.
  • Available to buy individually.
  • Use as they are or mount on card, foam board or plyboard.  See our guide to mounting here.
  • Rolled and packed in parcel tubes which can also be used to store and transport.

Shop individual A0 Photography Backdrop Sheets here


Individual Standard A1 Photography Backdrops -mounted and waterproofed

All of the A1 backdrop designs can be professionally mounted onto highest grade 12mm plyboard and sealed with a matt polyurethane varnish to create a solid, long lasting, wipe clean, water resistant photography surface, ideal for food styling.  

Of course these mounted boards are more of an initial investment but we think they offer superb longevity and good value long term, looking and performing very similarly to handcrafted surfaces.

Shipped worldwide but currently only available to the UK via the website - please email for overseas shipping quotes. Contact us here.


How to order

Shop the A1 Photography Backdrop Sheets  and 'tick' any extra mounting options you'd like before 'adding to basket'. 

Single faced mounted and sealed backdrops cost £25 plus the cost of your backdrop design.

Double faced mounted and sealed backdrops (with designs on the front and back of a single sheet of 12mm plyboard) cost £40 plus the cost of your backdrop designs.

If you select a double faced mounted backdrop board you will be asked to select your design for the second side before adding to your basket.


Lead time

These items are made to order - please allow 5 - 7 working days for your boards to be dispatched.  (If you need them sooner we may be able to help - please contact Sophie here.)



  • A1 size - approximately 594 x 841 mm x 12mm - finished board sizes may vary slightly due to the wood cutting process and print/cutting tolerances.
  • We always line up two edges (a long and short edge) perfectly but the design may be a couple of millimetres shorter than the board on the other edges.
  • We may also 'soften' the corners to round them off a bit as this will make the applied paper sheet safer from knocks on the corners.
  • Mounted on 12mm high quality, marine grade FSC plyboard.
  • Sealed and waterproofed with water-based, matt polyurethane varnish - for minimal sheen and no discolouring.
  • Store flat out of direct sunlight or in the bespoke packaging provided.
  • Designed, printed and mounted in the UK
  • Fully sustainable and recyclable packaging - zero plastic! 

Click here for more information and shipping costs on mounted backdrops.


I hope that helps you decide which option is best for you, but if you have any questions or would just like some advice on what might work best for you please feel free to get in touch, we're always happy to help!

Happy styling,