Food Styling Backgrounds & Lifestyle Photography Backdrops

All of our backdrop designs are printed on high quality, thick matt, reinforced paper.  We don't print on vinyl (PVC) as we don't see the need and would rather create sustainable products (read more about why here).  Our customers who have used vinyl before and aren't sure about paper are pleasantly surprised by its strength and durability, as well as how little glare there is - please read the reviews on a few of the product pages



We have 3 different backdrop sizes - please click through to view the collections.  (You'll also find these links in the main menu on the side bar.)

  • Small A2, approx 60x42cm - available in sets of four.

  • Standard A1, approx 60x84cm - this is our main or 'standard' size and you have the choice of over 50 backdrop designs to choose from in this size.

  • Large A0, approx 84x120cm - this is a small but growing collection of our most popular designs in a larger size.

And the standard A1 designs are also available to order professionally mounted onto 12mm solid boards - you can add this option when you add your A1 sheet to your cart.  Click here for more info on mounted and waterproofed backdrop boards.


Sets of Four, Small A2 Photography Backdrops


Individual Standard A1 Photography Backdrop Sheets

mounted backdrop food styling surfaces solid handpainted curated photography



Individual Large A0 Photography Backdrop Sheets



Individual Standard A1 Photography Backdrops -mounted and waterproofed on either single faced or double faced boards



For more information please read the 

Guide to our Photography Backgrounds and Food Styling Backdrops