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marzo 19, 2020

Hi there,

I just wanted to confirm that we are open for business and fulfilling orders - and of course taking extra precautions in our home and business.

We have been social-distancing and our kids haven't been in school since Monday the 16th of March as a, we can easily homeschool because we are lucky enough to work from home, and b, I have a heart condition that may put me at higher risk if i get the corona virus.

We are taking every recommend precaution in terms of social distancing and keeping our home and hands clean and uncontaminated.  All of your packages are packed by clean hands - but even so, all are recommended to take in packages with caution and dispose of the packaging straight away, washing your hands after doing so.


Our last batch of stock was collected on Friday the 13th of March and we won't be getting any more in for the foreseeable future.

HOWEVER, luckily (kind of?!) we have heaps of stock in as we had ordered extras of everything in anticipation of a rush of new customers after The photography Show, which of course sadly got cancelled.

So for us, at present, as long as Royal Mail and DPD are functioning we will be taking and fulfilling your orders as normal.

Of course if government advice changes, if any of our family suffer any symptoms and we need to self-isolate or if RO and DPD stop delivering we will close for a while and let our customers know via email.


I understand it's hard to keep positive in these uncertain times, I am now working around and homeschooling three children who think we should all be eating pancakes for breakfast and going on fun outings every day as if it's a normal weekend or school holiday!  Its definitely intense on top of the worry and limbo we're all in.

Some things that are helping me which you might like to try if you're now working around kids or just stuck for things to do -

  • feeling organised and having a structure to the day always helps here, so we are starting everyday with a walk or outdoor nature 'lesson'
  • Sharing out housework - some real life lessons never go amiss!
  • I've also ordered a big pile of school workbooks so I can easily set my kids to work for an hour or so (wishful thinking?!) along with Harry Potter book sets etc
  • We're going to be joining some virtual yoga and exercise sessions as a family
  • We're taking it in turns to cook/prepare meals
  • We're investing time and love into our home - decluttering, decorating, tidying
  • We're going to do the same in the garden - tidying, weeding, planting
  • Its a great time for online learning and self directed projects
  • Order some balls! We play cricket and tennis so I've stocked up on those, but yours might be football, basket ball etc. Get stocked up with activities and games.
  • and remember there's still music, film, tv, facetime, board games and photography to enjoy!


Hoping you stay well and we will all be through this soon,

Sophie xx


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