INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY to celebrate my 500th order! WIN 3 Mounted Backdrops of your choice or 2 Runner Up prizes of 5 backdrop sheets!

food styling backdrop flatlay paper surface photography background

abril 05, 2019

Hi! As I write this I am at 498 orders - when I get my 500th backdrop order I will launch a giveaway for you to have the chance to win 3 free mounted backdrops of your choice, worth £58 each, so it's a BIG prize worth £174!  Plus I'll be giving away 2 runner up prizes of 5 backdrop sheets, worth £90 too!

I'm so amazed and thrilled by how this business is going - I love doing this work, I'm so pleased its working out as a regular income stream for me - the whole point was to create something I could do from home around my children and adhoc styling/content work so I can't thank you enough if you have been one of the 498 orders, supported me on Instagram or been an advocate or part of my journey in any other way!

To offer some sort of thanks, I'm giving away 3 single sided mounted backdrops, of your choice, with free UK delivery thrown in too.  You can still enter from anywhere in the world - just please be aware that you will be liable for the shipping costs over £30 - I'll pay £30 towards getting them to you but the rest will be up to you!

The winner could also choose to add a mounted backdrop on the second side  - making your single mounted boards double mounted boards.  This is offered at an additional cost of £25 each side (up to 3 sides available to you to make 3 double sided backdrop boards!) Or you may buy extra backdrop sheets at 30% off the current retail price.

There will also be 2 runner up prizes - your choice of 5 backdrop sheets, worth £90, with free UK shipping and £10 paid towards international shipping.  

So there's 3 chances to win BIG!

It's all happening on Instagram, so make sure you follow me there @blackvelvetstyling. You'll need to like the post, follow me and share the post on your feed for the duration of the competition.

Go to my instagram now to follow me, click the three dots at the top right of my profile and turn post/story notifications on!

food styling photography backdrops background surfaces printed affordable giveaway food styling photography backdrops background surfaces printed affordable giveaway


Then look out for this post to enter!  Once launched I'll add all of the details and terms here :) Thanks again!

food styling backdrop flatlay paper surface photography background

The photography backdrop featured in the image is Patsy.


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