Boring blog about social sharing and UGC etiquette

Boring blog about social sharing and UGC etiquette

noviembre 12, 2018

Hi :) 

I wanted to write a short blog about social sharing and my use of customer images (user generated content or UGC to marketers) as it is very valuable to my business and much appreciated, but only of course, if you're down with it too.  I want to check that I am approaching it correctly and respectfully.

So, as I use hashtags on Instagram to mark entries to the monthly giveaway (yeah I give 3 free photography backgrounds away every month just for sharing an image! Check out this post about it for more details.) and I'm now using product specific hashtags to share both my and customer social images on the backdrop listings too, I wanted to clarify my thoughts on the etiquette of it and make sure they are in line with yours.  And get your feedback if not!

My stance is -

  • If you share an image online and either tag and hashtag me, I assume you are cool with me sharing the image on the same platform (mostly Insta) and on my website.
  • On the basis that you have told the world where your photography background came from, I presume you are happy for me to cite you as a client and repost the image, because you've been open about the backgrounds origin.  (I say this because some people don't want to shout about where they get their props from, for valid and understandable reasons.)
  • I think this is fine because I would ALWAYS credit the creator, and I do actually believe it is both nice and beneficial for you as well - there is a breadcrumb trail back to you, most likely in weblinks if not obvious text also, and I would presume that's good for anyones business/project/career.
  • I would use the regrammed image with your credit actually in the image, so there is no confusion, like this -
food styling background photography backdrop
  • Or I would share a product specific Instagram hashtag, like #bvsstormbackdrop and your tagged image may come up on the feed, with obvious text and live weblinks back to you post, like this (screen grab)  and a live version at the bottom of this blog post -

  • If you don't tag me, but I spot your image, I may ask for permission to regram or add the product hashtag either in the comment or by DM depending on how sensitive I think you might be to people knowing its one of my backdrops.  If you say 'no thanks' I'll of course take it no further. That'sabolutely fair enough.  If you say 'yeah sure' I'll share along the same lines as above.
  • *Based on feedback on this post (via email) I will always ask if you are OK with your image being used further than mentioned above, outside of my own business/website, for instance on another blog, social platform, publication etc

    Does that make sense? I hope so as I love your images and sharing them feels good personally as well as in a commercial sense, helping other people decide which designs would work for them.

    I welcome your comments below!


    Boring Sophie ;p

    *Update - I sent an invite to read this post to my mailing list and have had a lovely response - both positive and constructive - so I've updated with pics to make it clearer. Thank you!

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