Instructions: How to mount your photography backdrops to card/MDF board


Made to order / on backorder - please see details below for lead times

No need to order or download - we are updating these instruction and how-to video but the new spray-mount method is so easy, please read below!

Our paper stock has changed and it is now much easier for you to stick your backdrops to card or MDF board using Display Mount.

In brief, you can do this by applying a thick layer of spray adhesive to your *super clean* card/board in a well-ventilated area, away from any camera kit and computers, apply your print to it and smooth flat.

Leave for 24hours before sealing, using a mini paint roller and matt, water-based varnish if you wish to water-proof paper backdrops (vinyl backdrops won't need waterproofing).

Any over-hanging edges of paper can be cut off with a clean craft knife and if you want to get fancy you can soften the edges and corners of your MDF with fine-to-medium sandpaper.

We recommend using Ronseal water-based matt clear varnish and Display Mount (a more permanent version fo Spray Mount) as shown in the pictures and a gloss mini roller.

We will update our step-by-step instructions and videos ASAP.