Our favourites for summer 2021

The summer of 2021 is the summer of getting together!

Its all about long overdue hugs and catching up with friends, sharing simple, tasty food thats a doddle to serve inside or out so we can focus on each other.

These backdrops will help you capture that essence of relaxed, social gatherings in the bright sunshine (we hope), the magical golden hour and into the cooler evenings.


Styling ideas

To give the impression of a lovely, long evening being enjoyed try propping with candles burned nearly all the way down to the base, almost-all gone food, a bit of mess and a few empties, and personal props like cardigans and blankets ready to wrap up.

Sharing food such as torn bread and serving utensils dotted around the scene - plus a few hands of course - will really add to the feeling of a sociable meal and relaxed atmosphere.

And try playing around with shadows - hard shadows from direct light always feel super summery. Take your set outside!

You could hold branches and foliage or sit a tall plant at the edge of the shot to cast beautiful, dappled shadows. And why not let a couple of leaves drop into shot to help frame the table....

1002. Large 'Plank' wood effect printed photography background, A0 size paper sheet
1017. Large 'Porthmeor' turquoise flaky wood effect printed photography background, A0 size paper sheet