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Essential guides to planning, creating and sharing online marketing content to increase social media engagement, attract web visitors and get more sales.


Hi, Sophie here!

I've created these online courses with creatives, freelancers and small business owners in mind, to pass on what I've learnt during 20 years in marketing and photography, and empower you to create brilliant content and succeed in doing what you love.  

Whether thats making wedding cakes or running a restaurant, selling candles, making jewellery or anything else you're passionate about, creating beautiful, authentic content plays a huge part in the success of any business.

Through Black Velvet Styling Academy you can learn the simple techniques I was taught whilst working for big brands and have used in my own business (selling photography backdrops) to scale up to a six figure annual turnover in only 2 years (on physical products, not online courses!).*  And they don't involve spending loads of money on props or kit!


On most commercial photo shoots there will be,

  1. the photographer, (master of light and tech!)
  2. the client/product owner/account manager (this is the meticulous planner)
  3. a stylist or two (the bold creators), and
  4. an art/creative director (the critical eye)

If you are shooting your content on your own you will need to have all of those hats on! That's a lot I know, and can seem quite daunting, but these courses are designed to break it down for you and help you cover all of these roles effectively to produce professional-looking content wherever you work.

I can teach you how to do every aspect of content creation just like the pros - with step by step creative guidance and structured planning tools to help you build in confidence and efficiency.  

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Happy styling,


*I wouldn't usually talk about turnover (how uncouth!) but I think its important you know that I have used these techniques to scale my own product-based business too.


The courses are numbered as they work particularly well in this order with each course preparing you to take the next step most effectively, but they also work perfectly as stand alone courses. 

Pick and mix whichever you feel you need or work through them all to get in-depth training in creating your own content from start to finish.

For individual or group coaching please contact us here.

For more content creation & styling downloads please visit the resources section here. 


More coming soon, sorry it's taking longer than hoped due to the kids being off school during the C-19 situation!

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