Hand-painted, textured photography backdrop boards

Hand-painted, textured photography backdrop boards

20% OFF this week - while we chill over the summer our lead times will be longer - up to 10 working days before dispatch. So you can take 20% OFF if you're happy to get them a bit slower!

Our custom-made hand-painted backdrops bring unique details and real 3D texture that will take your photography to the next level.

Investment pieces ~ crafted by artists to bring joy and value to your work for many years to come.

Available in two standard sizes, single or double faced (to save money and space) and every design can be made as per our reference or customised for you.

Or if you'd like something completely different, please email us with your ideas and inspiration - we take great pride in creating custom-made unique, textured surfaces for commercial studios, prop houses, publishers and all manner of creatives.  

Surfaces pictured from top left clockwise: turquoise wall with faultline created for China & Co props; blue grey distressed surface created for our 'Tomorrow' backdrop; lightly textured deep blue commissioned by Absolute Press, shot by David Loftus for Restaurant Nathan Outlaw; black watermarked backdrop for a private commission.


'Meringue' hand-painted cracking paint on lightwood, double-sided photography backdrop board
From £155.00