UK Food & Drink Awareness Days and International Food Dates for content marketing and photography planning, February 2019 - April 2019


If you were looking for dates to celebrate or tie in with for your food styling, product photography or social media content in the next few months here's my list to download for free.

This should save you a lot of time as I've just checked all the dates and formatted it for you so you can expand on the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel - decide what to prioritise and make a splash with, what to nod to or maybe repost for and what you can ignore if it doesn't really sit well with your brand/audience.  

Of course this won't be my entire marketing schedule but I find it very worthwhile to check and cross reference with my own campaigns, events, product launches etc to make sure I'm efficient with my time.  Also to ensure I have regular scheduled posts and I'm not left scrambling for content or missing key dates that will appeal to my audience and help build awareness.

Hope its useful for you too! If you want more advice on social media content, marketing planning or content creation please contact Sophie on or 07866 636070.