Custom photography backdrops

Custom photography backdrops

We offer three different types of custom-made photography backdrops -

  • printed, sustainable paper backdrops,

  • printed, waterproof vinyl backdrops, and

  • handcrafted surfaces.


Custom paper backdrops offer larger A0 versions of any A1 paper designs that haven't already been listed in the larger size here.

Custom vinyl backdrops are available in our large A0 size or larger and have more scope for customisation.

Perhaps you'd like a small adjustment on an existing backdrop design or something completely new - our library of over 350 textures and team of expert photo-shoppers and artists means we can match your reference quickly and affordably.

Handcrafted surfaces are available in three standard sizes or larger set/on site builds.

Sophie has been making handcrafted photography backdrops for publishers, prop houses, studios and creatives since 2016; they can be matched to your own inspiration reference, a backdrop print or previous handcrafted surface or anything else that's caught your eye. 


We love collaborating with other creatives on your dream surfaces and will communicate throughout the artistic process to make sure we have understood your ideas and matched your vision perfectly. 

Please click through for more details on each material and be sure to check the lead times.

1200. Custom A0 Paper. Large A0 size paper backdrop in an existing BVS design
2200. Custom A0 vinyl. Large A0 size vinyl backdrop in an existing BVS design
C. Custom made, canvas photography backdrop to match your reference
From £125.00
2300. Custom A0 vinyl. Bespoke design.
B. Custom made, handcrafted photography backdrop board to match your reference - single or double sided
From £105.00
A. Custom made, handcrafted textured photography backdrop board in 1-3 Colours - single or double sided
From £85.00