What's in season? UK Seasonal Food Calendar now available in Excel and PDF formats saving you HEAPS of time!

What's in season? UK Seasonal Food Calendar now available in Excel and PDF formats saving you HEAPS of time!

January 25, 2019

If like me you're constantly checking online for what beautiful food and local produce is in season, or looking for what's available in the UK for food styling ingredients for a shoot at a certain time of year, you will love this new download.  I have finally had chance to create a workable, seasonal food calendar in Excel so I don't have to re-search, re-format or re-type any more.  And I thought if it's useful for me it's probably useful for other food stylists and photographers too :)

Get my UK seasonal food calendar here.

Now obviously there are some great websites out there to check what's in season, and there are some lovely printed calendars or illustrated worksheets telling you what food is available each month of the year BUT they simply aren't in the right format for me to scan across quickly and I do NOT want to have to type it all into my content plan!

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So, for ten British pounds, I am offering an Excel spread sheet that you can rework or easily copy and paste into your marketing calendar or content plan saving you HEAPS of time, plus 6 PDF versions - in colour and black and white - ready to print and stick on your wall for quick reference in your studio or marketing office.

I'm charging for this one (I have FREE resources too!) because not only did it take me 8+ hours to do, I had to spread the research, copying and pasting, checking, reformatting etc work over nearly 2 weeks because it is soooooo boring and detail oriented.  What creative wants to spend time doing that?! Hence why I think it's worth £10 - to never have to check what's in season in the UK online again, to never have to type it all out again (I hate duplicating work, especially typing) and to never miss an opportunity to get a beautiful, seasonal and current/topical ingredient into your food photography.

I have created my dream format where the seasonal produce stays on the same line across the months so you can not only scan down the month to see what's in season, but you can also scan across to the previous and next month to see if that particular ingredient has a long or short season, when it started and when it ends.  I've also highlighted the start of the food seasons in bold and the last month of the season in italic. For marketing purposes you generally want to be among the first to get hold of new content and therefor new, in season produce - so look ahead to the ingredients in bold to get ahead of the game!

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But if that's not your dream format - fear not! As you get the spreadsheet as well as the PDFs, you can rework the columns, colours and content however you like very easily now it is all cleaned up and alphabetised without hyperlinks, web formatting or weird fonts.  

You also get 6 ready to print PDF versions to stick up on your wall for quick reference if you don't want to mess about in Excel!

whats in season seasonal food UK British photography styling content marketing

Look out for more resources like this coming soon and get in touch if you need further help with your content marketing, styling or photography!  Contact Sophie.

Reproduction or distribution of any of this material is strictly prohibited.  

All rights reserved. Copyright Sophie Purser, Black Velvet Styling Ltd 2019. 



Megan said:

OMG so glad you have done this !! Would love to cook more seasonally but all I seem to have found online is what’s in season everywhere else but the UK!! 😫

Kate Baker

Kate Baker said:

Such a brilliant idea, and it looks very thorough too – love this!

Charlotte Bray

Charlotte Bray said:

Great idea and good work! As a newbie to this, your spreadsheet will be an incredibly useful tool! Well done x


Polly said:

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thank you so much for creating it 🌈✨


Alex said:

This looks super awesome!!!

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