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Why our photography backgrounds aren't printed on vinyl (PVC)
October 16, 2018

Why our photography backgrounds aren't printed on vinyl (PVC)

Recent reports in the media about how much plastic is floating around in our oceans and the devastating effect it has on marine wildlife is heart breaking.  As a child, spending our summer holidays in St Mawes, Cornwall, my dad instilled in me and my sisters the practice of leaving a beach cleaner than when we arrived. Sometimes that meant taking an extra piece of litter home, other times it meant doing a full-on litter pick.  It wasn’t what we wanted to do as kids, but it has instilled in me an ethos that I have carried with me ever since; only take what you need and always respect nature.

Now I know many plastics are recyclable and I don't consider PVC evil in any way - it has it's uses - but I really don't have faith in the current recycling processes - clearly the UK government has not been acting respectfully, and at worst possibly just passing our rubbish and recycling on to other countries to deal with. Or not as it turns out.

So I have made the decision - at home and at work - to use as little plastic as possible.  I would like to be 100% plastic free but I can't see this happening for me at the moment and I think we can still bring change by voting with our money and putting pressure on our government, so I am committed to the following rules I've set myself -

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