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November 10, 2020

How to create authentic content that builds sales without feeling 'salesy' - you CAN connect with your social media audience AND increase sales at the same time!

I have worked in marketing and content creation my whole career (nearly twenty years now, gulp!) both in-house and freelance, and have been teaching content creation from start to finish for the last three years via workshops and online courses.

There are three things that come up over and over again with my students that you may be struggling with too –

  • Finding a comfortable mix of being authentic while pushing for sales (which we all need to do) 
  • Knowing what to post to offer value & connect with your audience
  • Thinking bigger than social media


So today I'm going to share some simple strategies that should help you create your content -

  • authentically,
  • offering value to your audience,
  • while gently reminding them that you offer products/services they can buy

with the added bonus that you will naturally build organic SEO and become a trusted authority in your area as a by-product!


First off let's look at the content mix and my 4/5 rule to share authentically while still pushing for sales

We all know that content creation is about sharing your passion, showing behind-the-scenes and telling your story.  People invest in people, especially at the small business end of the market.

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National Food & Awareness Days, January to March 2020
December 31, 2019

National Food & Awareness Days, January to March 2020

Hey!  If this isn't too late for you I've just updated my foodie calendar for the first quarter 2020 - copy and paste it below or download a clean version (without weird web formatting) in my resources and downloads section for free.

If like me you are required to come up with topical or trending food content for your clients this is a big time saver, or it could help you develop your own marketing plan and give you the confidence to focus on a few dates and ignore the ones that don't fit your brand.  

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141 social media and content marketing ideas for food and lifestyle makers or brands
May 16, 2019

141 social media and content marketing ideas for food and lifestyle makers or brands

Here I've put together a list of 141 prompts to inspire social media and web content that will help people get to know you and want whatever you're offering.  You'll notice that most of them aren't about selling - actually only 20% of your content should be about heavy promotion or sales talk.  More than that and people will switch off - be more passionate about what you do than that! And show people :)

A few pointers before you delve into the list.

Decide what is important for you and be confident in your choices.

Don't force things - nobody can keep their energy up to do things that don't feel natural to them, you'll feed bad about it and your feed/brand will seem random or ingenuine, people can't relate and invest in randomness.  Keep it familiar - see how consistent the most successful feeds are - are they boring, or do they create original content in a signature look which balances style, content type and tone? 

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National Food Days and Foodie Events for the UK - February to April 2019
December 09, 2018

National Food Days and Foodie Events for the UK - February to April 2019

If you were looking for dates to celebrate or tie in with for your food styling, product photography or social media content during February, March and April 2019 here's my list - you can also download it as a spreadsheet for free here.  This should save you a lot of time as I've just checked all the dates and formatted it for you so you can expand on the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel - decide what to prioritise and make a splash with, what to nod to or maybe repost for and what you can ignore if it doesn't really sit well with your brand/audience.  

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