Solid, sustainable, waterproof mounted backdrop boards are back!

Solid, sustainable, waterproof mounted backdrop boards are back!

February 22, 2022

You love them, we love them - so we had to find a way to produce our unique mounted backdrops again sustainably and without using nasty spray adhesives, and I'm so pleased to say that we have!

Our hugely popular mounting options are back - order 59x84cm A1s direct from the design listings in the paper A1 collection or order 119x84cm  A0s here.


food styling photography backdrop background surface solid real wood marble fake stone lightweight portable sustainable waterproof durable photo board


Our uniquely-innovated mounted backdrop boards are back by popular demand and already filling our production space again.

You can now order your favourite backdrop prints as solid, water-proof, durable, eco-friendly boards at a fraction of the cost and weight of the real materials like marble, wood, stone and tiles!

Double-faced boards offer the best value and save space, giving you two backdrops on both sides of one board.


Mounted backdrops are perfect when you have space in your studio and want quick, solid set ups.  They look fabulous lined up around the room and some clients even add picture hooks to hang them! 


Ordering is easy

For A1 mounted boards - 59x84cm

  1. Browse the A1 paper collection,
  2. decide on the designs you'd like and if you want single or double faced boards,
  3. go to your first backdrop choice,
  4. select the relevant mounting option - single or double faced,
  5. and if choosing a double faced board select the second design for the other side from the swatches.

Your extra charges for mounting and the price of the second design if applicable will be added to your cart.



For A0 mounted backdrop boards please order here - you will need to add a note of the backdrop designs you'd like mounting or email us soon after you order.


Most people choose to have classics like marble, wood and stone backdrops made into solid boards as they never go out of style, but we can mount any current design you like (nothing in the sale sorry).

Click here for more details and the full specification.


Mounted A1 backdrop boards in Jardin white wood, Earl greyShirley marbleAutumn designs.

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