No churn ice cream recipes - blackcurrant ripple & matcha, cardamom and pistachio - my first #lazytastypretty recipe post

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July 22, 2019

Morning!  It's 8.03am and the first Monday of the school holidays so of course I've been at my desk since 6.30am trying to get some work done!  To be fair I actually love this time of day - if I'm lucky the kids are still asleep or can be passed off to breakfast/lounging round until at least 9am and I seem to be able to get more done in these first few hours of the day than most of the rest of the time. I'd go so far as to say I LOVE getting up early and feeling 'ahead of the day'.  God I'm old.  And boring.   Oh well, f#ck it. (*sings 'this is me' in head*)

So what am I here for now? To share two recipes with you and kick off my #lazytastypretty food ethos, community, not sure what to call it!

Basically I want to start saving our favourite family recipes and maybe even inspire other families to eat better, live better with little-to-medium effort, enjoying the process and results, whether it's family meals or posh nosh.  

Making a good meal shouldn't' be a chore - it's a great excuse to switch off the gadgets, stand up for a bit, be creative and get the whole family involved.  (Not every day of course, we're not the Waltons, but aiming for 3-4 times a week to create bakes or meals together is a good thing to aim for I'd say!)

Also with an emphasis on visual appeal, and quite often a low-carb or reduced refined sugar slant.  Not always mind - sometimes you just need cake or macaroni cheese and that's totally cool in my book.  80/20 sensible/indulgent is what I aim for.


blackcurrant ripple matcha no churn ice cream recipe food styling backdrops photography backgrounds still life stylist Manchester

Blackcurrant ripple and matcha, cardamom and pistachio ice cream shot on the Wander photography backdrop


I learnt recently that the French don't say, 'take care', instead they say 'manger bien', 'eat well' when sending you on your way.  They're so bloody on it those Frenchies aren't they?! I really believe that taking time to create good food (yes it definitely is a creative process and all that brings - meditative peace, satisfaction, a big reveal and if you're lucky a 'wow' and/or a 'yum') is good for your soul.  As well as feeding my family well and feeling like a proper adult, for me it's part of looking after myself, it feels like self-care to take time to nourish my body properly.

Don't get me wrong - I love pudding, I eat takeaways, I 'treat' my kids to drive throughs every now and then, but to balance it, at home, I try to eat well and avoid processed food as much as possible.

The first recipe I want to share isn't a healthy one, it's a treat - no churn ice cream two ways. It's lazy because you don't have to churn it, obs, it's very tasty, and I've played around with seasonal ingredients to make it pretty.  Don't be frightened by the matcha - there is so much sweetness from the condensed milk that is is more a colouring than flavouring and the cardamom balances it beautifully.


food styling no churn ice cream recipe photography stylist Manchester backdrops backgrounds photo boards

Matcha green tea, cardamom and pistachio no churn ice cream shot on the aqua/grey, Bish photography backdround


If you haven't made no churn ice cream before and have kids you are going to want this in your life - it's a great way to use up squishy berries, left over stale cake (if that ever happens in your house?!) and give them a sweet that you can say for sure exactly what's in it.

To make two versions you'll need two 1lb loaf cake tins or similar sized Tupperware containers lined with baking parchment and an electric whisk or this won't be a very lazy recipe after all.


No churn ice cream recipe - blackcurrant ripple and matcha, cardamom and pistachio 



For the basic vanilla ice cream

1 can condensed milk (397g)

600ml double cream

1 vanilla pod (I wouldn't substitute this for paste or extract as they will add more sugar and I don't know about you but I get a weird chemical taste off them)

For the blackcurrant ripple

4 tablespoons blackcurrant jam (homemade or shop bought)

Juice of half a lemon

Handful fresh blackcurrants

For the matcha, cardamom and pistachio 

2 tablespoons matcha green tea powder

1 teaspoon ground cardamom 

200g pistachio kernels 


To make

Mix the blackcurrant jam and lemon juice in a small bowl and set aside.

Scrape the vanilla seeds from the pod and put in a large, high sided bowl with the condensed milk and cream.  Whisk until thick and stiff.

Starting with the blackcurrant ripple, fill half of one of the lined loaf tins with about 1/4 of the ice cream mixture. Spoon half the blackcurrant jam on top and ripple with the wrong end of a spoon, pushing down as well so it randomly spreads around the bottom half of ice-cream.

Fill the rest if the tin with ice cream (so now you should have used around 1/2 of the vanilla ice-cream mixture) and repeat with the jam on top again, but not mixing quite so much and leaving a good swirl effect on top of the ice cream with the bright white next to some really dark pools of jam.  

I don't use cling film and nobody died from it not being covered in the freezer so I won't recommend you use any.  Freeze for at least 6 hours.

With the second 1/2 of ice cream, add the matcha and cardamom, folding in carefully to keep the integrity of the ice cream but ensuring all the powder is mixed in and not gritty.

Fill half of the second loaf tin trying to get an even spread and smooth-ish top.  Roughly chop 150g of the pistachios and scatter evenly over the entire surface of ice cream - we're trying to create an obvious line across the loaf when it is cut!

Fill the top half with the remaining ice cream and scatter the other 50g of pistachios on top however you like. Freeze for at least 6 hours.

Serve however you like with your favourite cones or wafers but of course the matcha ice cream gives the most visually pleasing effect when sliced like loaf cake to show the 'fault line' of pistachios.


I hope you feel inspired to make these easy ice cream recipes over the summer - not only are they really delicious but I had lots of fun shooting them too - they're a food stylists dream!

If you make either of these recipes please let me know by commenting below and use the hashtag #lazytastypretty on Instagram!


food styling no churn ice cream recipe photography stylist Manchester backdrops backgrounds photo boards

Blackcurrant ripple no churn ice cream shot on the Wander photography backdrop


Other flavours/serving suggestions -

Bashed up Oreos and Rolos mixed in

Strawberries and clotted cream rippled through

Chocolate and hazelnut - add good quality cocoa powder and chopped hazelnuts

Mint and honeycomb - use 1 cup fresh mint finely chopped, mix crumbled honeycomb into the ice cream and save a few larger chunks to decorate on top (simple honeycomb recipe here)


Thanks for reading, manger bien! 

Soph xx

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food styling no churn ice cream recipe photography stylist Manchester backdrops backgrounds photo boards

Matcha, cardamom and pistachio ice cream shot on the aqua/grey, Bish photography backdrop.


food styling no churn ice cream recipe photography stylist Manchester backdrops backgrounds photo boards


food styling no churn ice cream recipe photography stylist Manchester backdrops backgrounds photo boards

Blackcurrant ripple no churn ice cream shot on the aqua/grey, Bish photography background

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