Mounted & Sealed Solid Photography Backdrops just got a lot CHEAPER!

June 26, 2019

Thanks to a really big order for my mounted and sealed photography backdrops  (see previous blog post!) I can now offer professionally mounted backdrop boards at much lower prices - WITHOUT COMPROMISE on the materials or craftsmanship - I've just got smarter with my processes!

And I've made them easier to order by adding mounting options to the paper sheet product listings.  

Simply shop the paper backdrop sheets, and if you want one mounted just check your mounting option before adding to your basket.  If you want a double faced board you will be asked to select your backdrop design for the second side from product swatches - all in one place.

The charge to mount and seal one design on to a single faced board is just £25.  

For a double faced board with two mounted and sealed designs it's £40.

All of my A1 printed backdrop designs can be professionally mounted onto highest grade 12mm plyboard and sealed with a matt polyurethane varnish to create a solid, long lasting, wipe clean, water resistant photography surface, ideal for food styling.

For more information on mounted backdrops please click here.





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