HOW TO STYLE - THE BASICS. Intro. An introduction to understanding style & creating a look for your brand

HOW TO STYLE - THE BASICS.  Intro.  An introduction to understanding style & creating a look for your brand

December 27, 2019

Welcome to this new online course! I hope you will find it an enjoyable and significant learning experience.  


My 'How to style - the basics' online course has been designed to help you define your brand style and build confidence in creating the food, still life or product content you need to succeed with your business or freelance work.

While the content is far from basic, this course takes you right back to the start of the styling process - creating your look.  All photography shoots - and many other marketing projects - start with a brand style guide or creative direction to steer the styling and photography.  This course is designed to guide you in creating one for your own brand - LIKE THE PROS DO!

Once that is designed and you feel good about the choices you've made, the rest will quickly become second nature - styling confidently and effortlessly with your style guide on hand to remind you of your focus and keep your look consistent and slick.  You'd be amazed at how quickly you can style (ie make designs decisions) when you have a visual plan!

I'm passionate about helping people succeed in business and as part of that I always want to give everybody I teach a good understanding of the basics of styling for photography.  

In this online course I will;

  • teach you the essence of style,
  • share secrets and tools the pros use to make you swoon
  • give you my essential food styling prop list & kit tips,
  • guide you through defining your own style and making decisions on your best angles, lighting and crop options
  • give you the confidence to create content without getting held back by perfectionism, comparison or fear. 

With these professional insights and simple exercises you will learn how important and effective it is to be true to your own creative instincts. I will guide you, step-by-step in honing a recognisable brand style, which will become your blueprint for creating beautiful content - effortlessly and confidently.


So lets get started with how to do that! Click through the modules below and enter your password to view the course content.

  • If you are on the self-paced course, simply click through the modules and complete the exercises in your own time.  The passwords for access will have been sent on email immediately after purchasing the course.
  • If you are on a 2 week online course you will also benefit from direct feedback, unlimited email advice & access to the private Instagram group - all details will be in your welcome email with subsequent emails containing the module passwords and homework deadlines as per the course schedule

If you haven't purchased this course yet you can buy it at any time  - either for immediate access without feedback or for the next start date with feedback.  Visit the online course section here. 


Modules in this online course: 


Going forward confidently


These are the things I wish everybody knew before needlessly spending lots of money on fancy kit and props! 

I can't wait to share my experience with you and see your creativity bloom!  
Whether you're on the self-paced or timed course I'd love to connect with you on Instagram - please use the hashtag #bvsacademy so I can see your creations!

Hope you enjoy! Sophie


All content copyright Sophie Purser 2019


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Testimonials from tuition and workshop attendees

Such a great workshop would highly recommend, the tips and tricks will be very useful for our upcoming shoots.  William Parkinson, High Street TV

Absolutely buzzing after yesterday. Its given me an extra boost to get creative with making things. I honestly can't thank you enough! Heather Ward, Etsy crafter

Thanks so much, I really enjoyed yesterday. Despite exhaustion, in general, I was so inspired I actually spent all morning today making and shooting MORE salads! And I used the dropper to great effect. Which is good because this week coming is meant to be my week off, which I started with your workshop. And now I have loads of images so I really can ease up on Insta content for a bit, which is fabulous. Laura Hutton, content creative 

I highly recommend Sophie if you want to develop your styling skills and massively improve the quality and structure of your content. Spending a day 1-2-1 with Sophie has taught me how to approach the styling of my products and how to produce quality images for social media. I'm not a natural when it comes to styling but I now feel I have the confidence and ability to do really well at it by putting into practice all the things Sophie taught me. Ceri Gore, wedding cake designer 

I had a fantastic time, definitely learnt a lot and left feeling very inspired.  Your notes are fantastic and we will be presenting what we learnt to the team. Rachel Woods, High Street TV  

About Sophie

Sophie has worked in styling and photography for over 20 years having moved through retail styling, product design, buying and marketing, always with a hand in photographic styling and then creative direction and content creation for national advertising campaigns, print catalogues and online/social media marketing. Her extensive background means she has a broad understanding of business and marketing as well as the creative talents to execute ideas beautifully and successfully.

Clients include Aldi, Harrods, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Asda, Filippo Berio, Waterford Crystal, Denby, ckbk, Gordon Ramsay, Ellen DeGenerese, Howdens Kitchens, Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and many more. 

Read more about Sophie's work here. 

Contact Sophie for 1-to-1 or team tuition here.



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Azi said:

This course would make me more confident and help me to hopefully be able to leave the job I hate and start doing what I like to do.
I’ve heard about Sophie from Holly Bell and I know she’s a great stylist.


@canderamundo said:

I love this kind of courses it’s amazing how much you learn, you understand how to make a good composition, how to use the colours and the lights. I’m an architect, food & photography lover, so every time I cook I mixed my aesthetics side with the photography to have a good photo of my food. Love your work!

Ioana Azoica

Ioana Azoica said:

I think this would be a great way for me to learn more about food styling as I am a food blogger.

Priya Joshi

Priya Joshi said:

This looks like a great course for a beginner like me! At the mo I have a few backdrops so feel a little all the gear and no idea! Oops! Fingers crossed :)

Eric Keeler

Eric Keeler said:

I’d love to take part in the course. My knowlage of props and lighting is terrible so this would be a huge help 😊

Rica Rodríguez

Rica Rodríguez said:

A picture tells a thousand words and I always know when Sophie’s pictures pop on my screen. That kind of brand recognition combined with beautiful imagery is so important to cut through in the digital world.

Hannah Gibson Dale

Hannah Gibson Dale said:

I would love to take part in your course Sophie, I can never get my pictures to look right and your work is fab 💕

Annmarie walsh

Annmarie walsh said:

I make cakes for friends and family but would love to make it a business and needs lots of help in the area of styling etc

Charlotte Mountain

Charlotte Mountain said:

This course would be fantastic as I my current snaps are a bit naff and always look a little flat, so I would have lots to learn from the course!
I love Sophie’s style and the backdrops which have already improved my food photography so much.

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