A guide to the different tones of our many shades of grey photography backdrops!

food styling photo board photography backdrop grey guide to how make flatlay paper

October 09, 2019

food styling photo board photography backdrop grey guide to how make flatlay paper

New  146. Bound photography backdrop


Thanks to your feedback on my product reviews and on email I've realised a guide to the different tones of grey backdrop designs would be useful - to compare and contrast and generally get more information about the colour of these backdrops - which is sometimes hard to convey online due to screen settings etc. but of course vitally important when you're choosing a photography background for a certain look or specific shoot.

Grey can fit the brief for many looks - neutral, organic, soft, urban, clean - so it’s no surprise that most stylists and photographers have a few trusty grey backdrops up their sleeve.

Clients love them too because they’re a low-risk, timeless classic meaning their content won’t look dated too soon or fade with the latest colour trend.  

Grey surfaces are renowned for creating a neutral but interesting base to let the product or dish stand out.  This is a balancing act; to create a subtle yet beautiful scene with an obvious hero, but starting with a grey surface like the backdrops below gets you off to a great start, offering detail, texture and various tones to blend - or contrast - with your subject.

Using a desaturated or only very slightly coloured grey backdrop also means you can play around with the saturation and colour levels of your image without causing too much change to the tone of your backdrop. (The best options if you like to edit quite strongly within Instagram, Snapseed etc are the cleanest black based backdrops. Of course if you use layers or masks to edit in Lightroom etc you can do whatever you like without effecting the background colour)

So here is a diagram showing how the grey photography backdrops compare side by side and move towards different tones.

Now of course they are all 'grey' but as we all know there are lots of greys, so here I've grouped them into -

  • Warm pink greys - these don't necessarily have pink in them but they are tinted with reds and purples giving the design mink, taupe, and warm creamy tones of grey.
  • Sandy, yellow tones - any grey that is moving towards cream or sand but without the warmth of red.  121. Bridge and 118. Falmouth mix clean greys with some more earthy, yellow toned greys.
  • Clean, black tones - from 173. Slow down to 115. Earl these designs are very clean, a classic grey tone you would expect with little hint of any other colour.  The stared designs are the cleanest grey backdrops.
  • Green tones - 125. Rain, 105. Paris and 163. Bish have noticeable green undertones when photographed.  They work beautifully with hot pinks.
  • Blue tones - these cooler greys have hints of blue and may even shoot or edit to blue to your liking. They are a favourite for those shooting baked goods, pastries etc as the warm tones of the food jump off cooler backdrops. 120. Arya also has some warm tones in it - making it feel a bit like Welsh slate.


I'll try to update this diagram with new introductions but please shout if a design you wanted more info on isn't on there. I haven't include grey wooden designs or marble effect backdrops as I figured that's more specific and I have fewer options to compare.

I hope you find this useful and thanks again for your feedback which helps me get the right information to potential customers and offer a better service to everyone!

I'll list the grey options featured in the guide below with links to each product page for you if you wish to jump to those pages,

Happy styling! Sophie xx


PS - If you're viewing this on a phone you might need to pinch and zoom to see the text!

food styling photo board photography backdrop grey guide to how make flatlay paper


See all the grey photography backdrops available to buy or click your design below.

105. Paris.    115. Earl.    116. Madrid.    118. Falmouth.    120. Arya.     121. Bridge.     125. Rain.     134. True.    145. Bleach.    146. Bound.    152. Patsy.    153. Salt.    154. Snow.    163. Bish.    169. Slay.    170. Falling.    171. Montero.    172. Eunice.    173. Slow


121. Bridge photography background and food styling backdrop





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