Christmas 2022 Gift Guide - what all creatives want this year!

Christmas 2022 Gift Guide - what all creatives want this year!

Here's our run down on the best gifts for your creative or self-employed loved one this year (We've also noted the spend with each idea so you can quickly scan by price tag too.)


For the beginner who knows their style - from £72 (and saving 37%)

If your friend is quietly confident and knows their style our gift sets of four backdrops and a carry case will be a welcome surprise. 

You can tell us the backdrops you'd like to include or we can scope out their work and suggest a selection to suit their style for you - all perfectly presented in a BVS carry and store case.

Shop paper or vinyl gift sets - paper are better for the eco-conscious, and jewellery or stationery designers, vinyl will suit food styling more as they're waterproof.




For the getting-serious-about-this stylist - from £176 (saving up to £77)

Our handcrafted surfaces are a luxurious treat for those who are taking their photography to the next level and are ready for investment pieces.  The gift set of two (or 4) hand-painted backdrops and gift set of two bespoke canvas backdrops offer a rare opportunity to give a generous gift and enjoy up to 25% off.

We can work with you to create designs that they'll love for Christmas delivery or you can surprise them with a gift card and details of this gift, for them to work with us on the designs after the holidays in January. 

When you choose 'January production' you unlock an extra 5% off!

Our handcrafted surfaces are rarely discounted so this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the gift set price saving up to £77 off in November and December even if you want delivery in January (we know lots of customers wait for the gift set offer to buy for themselves too!).




For the 9-5 and 5-9 juggler who needs some encouragement (from £50 and with 20% off)

Know someone struggling to make the move from their 9-5 to their dream job or passion project?  Gift them some training (and a huge confidence boost) with us over on The Styling Handbook and get 20% off all orders with code BVSG2220 - valid until the 31st December.

Pick up gift vouchers (with 20% off the face value!) to be used at a later date on workshops, online courses, zoom sessions or 1-to-1 training or grab one of the last spots on a styling and photography workshop in 2022. 

Save £60 off a styling workshop space with your voucher code - BVSG2220





For an avid food photographer, budding stylist or creative collector our Super-Stylin' subscription sets are a great gift that keeps on giving for as long as you want! (From £16.20, SAVE 50%)

Including two, A1 paper backdrops perfect for the time of year - one of which is a brand new design, exclusive to our super-stylers!

Start a 4 or 6 month subscription in December and save up to HALF-OFF your first set - or choose our standard easy-in-and-out subscription to stay flexible.

4 Month Subscription Gift offer - save 1/3 off your first set, ONLY £21.71 delivered (10% off and free delivery every month after

6 Month Subscription Gift offer - save 50% off your first set, ONLY £16.20 delivered  (10% off and free delivery every month after) 

Monthly flexible subscription set - save 10% off (SAVE £4.15 and get FREE delivery each month) just £32.40



And if you're looking for a smaller gift to show them you care, our Gift Vouchers start at just £10. 

As boring as they may be to unwrap (or open the email as is more the case) a thoughtful gift voucher can actually be a really lovely treat - especially when we all have a bit of down time to enjoy browsing and choosing how to send them.


I hope thats given you some ideas!

Happy styling,


Sophie + co

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